WDC Planning

Under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), Whangarei District Council (WDC) and Northland Regional Council (NRC) are responsible for making decisions that impact on the Whangarei district and the Northland region respectively, including the Oakura Bay area.

Generally, WDC is responsible for making decisions about:

  • the effects of land use
  • the effects of activities on the surface of rivers and lakes
  • noise
  • subdivision; and
  • ensuring sufficient development capacity for resident and business land to meet expected long-term demands of the district.

The NRC is responsible for the integrated management of the natural and physical resources of the region and making decisions about:

  • discharges of contaminants to land, air or water
  • water quality and quantity
  • the coastal marine area
  • soil conservation
  • land use to avoid natural hazards
  • investigating land to identify and monitor contaminated land
  • ensuring sufficient development capacity for residential and business land to meet expected long-term demands of the region; and
  • preparing regional policy statements.

Below is a summary of the most relevant plans and strategy for the Oakura Bay community. For more information on all WDC plans and strategies, visit the Whangarei District Council website

2022-2023 ANNUAL PLAN

An Annual Plan is produced in the years when Council does not prepare a Long Term Plan (LTP). Council describe it as a ‘steady as you go’ plan. The Annual Plan outlines all the projects and work that WDC plans to undertake in the coming year. It also fine tunes the costs and funding for projects originally proposed in the LTP. The latest 2022-2023 Annual Plan has now been adopted by Council.

As a result of consultation with our community, WDC allocated a $80,000 grant in the 2022-2023 Annual Plan for a children’s playground to be constructed in the Sports Complex area. Also a grant from an earlier Annual Plan to assist with consenting requirements for the proposed wetland project has been rolled over.

2021-2031 LONG TERM PLAN

Under the Local Government Act 2002 (LGA), each council is required to produce a Long Term Plan (LTP) every three years. The LTP outlines WDC activities and priorities for the next 10 years based on goals agreed with its community and provides a long-term focus for decision-making. The current 2021-2031 LTP was adopted by Council in June 2021 and remains current until the new LTP is adopted in June 2024. There will be a period of public consultation prior to that time.

A grant of $30,000 was allocated in the current LTP to provide the additional funding needed to progress consenting requirements for the proposed wetland project.


Adopted by WDC on 11 February 2009, Council states that “the Structure Plan is intended as a concept for the local Oakura area, integrating the protection, use and development of land and resources and setting out how to implement the Coastal Management Strategy vision and mission statements at a local level. In other words, it is a broad physical plan identifying areas for growth, protection, infrastructure and other community requirements over the next 20 years.” It is intended as a partnership between Council and the community.



The WDC District Plan sets out rules, policies and objectives for sustainably managing the natural and physical resources in the Whangarei District. Zoning for the majority of homes and holiday houses in the Bay is Rural Village Residential with much of the surrounding area being Papakāinga. Part G of the Operative District Plan sets out the Environment Rules for the respective zones.
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