Current Issues

Amendment to Vehicles on Beaches Bylaw 2009

Following on from a unanimous vote at the 2023 AGM to support vehicles being prohibited from the beach, the WSRRA Committee lodged an application in May 2023 with the WDC seeking an amendment to the Vehicles on Beaches Bylaw 2009 to prohibit all vehicles on the beach at all times, with the exception of areas to the north and south of the beach that allow access for boat launching, parking and fishing – see map below.

Due to a heavy Council workload, this application has been assigned a low priority and is unlikely to go out for public consultation followed by a Council hearing until 2024. We will continue to push WDC and our elected representatives in the hope that this Amendment will be operable prior to the summer of 2024/2025.

Reduction in Speed Limit and addition of a Crossing/Traffic Calming Measure

Feedback sought from our members in July 2023 was unanimously in favour of reducing the speed limit to 30kph in certain areas of the Bay, as well as the addition of a crossing/traffic calming measure between the public toilets and the Pohutukawa Reserve as per the visual. This feedback has been included in the consultation for the Regional Speed Management Plan proposed to be implemented in 2024 of the 2024-2027 Long Term Plan.

Below is the proposal for speed limits put forward from the Traffic Safety Team at the Northland Transportation Alliance. We will be seeking feedback on this proposal from our membership so that we can provide further input to NTA during the public consultation period commencing February 2024.

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