Oakura Bay Medical First Response Team – Volunteers Needed

The Oakura Bay Medical First Response team was set up over eight years ago. Fundraising events were held, and charities approached and we purchased two defibrillators and set up the Medical Rooms next to the hall with stretchers, St Johns medical packs and other equipment. Since then there has been a small number of people, who have done the St Johns First Aid course, who have been happy to have their phone numbers listed as first responders.

However we now need more volunteers to go on that list. Over the years the Medical Committee have run free and subsidised St Johns courses for those interested, and at some stage in the near future another partly subsidised course will be organised.

It should be noted that the First Response team is only for medical emergencies, to be there as support while ambulance/helicopter assistance arrives. It is not set up to handle grazes and minor injuries.

First responders should have done at least the St Johns First Aid Level One course before volunteering to go on the First Response List.

If anyone is interested they can contact our Civil Defence person, Jim Lynch, email address

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