Wanting to visit or considering a move to Oakura Bay? This community information website is proudly sponsored by the Whangaruru South Residents & Ratepayers Association Inc.


Oakura Bay Reserve, Northland, New Zealand

A great place to live or visit

Whether you are considering a move to the bay or just wanting to visit, Oakura offers plenty for everyone. Have a swim at the safe, family-friendly beach, explore the stunning coastline, fish your favourite spot, or just relax in the sun.

For most of the year, Oakura Bay is a quiet, sleepy seaside town with a relaxed vibe enjoyed by its permanent residents. However, during the height of the summer holiday season, the bay is busy – popular with holiday makers and day trippers alike. Regular pastimes include swimming, fishing, boating, diving, kayaking and stand up paddling. There are also fantastic walks in close proximity, both inland and along the coast.

Several businesses service the needs of permanent residents and visitors. The well-stocked Oakura Bay Store provides plenty of provisions as well as fuel and LPG; whilst Skips Fish’n’Chips is a great stop for takeaways and other delicious treats.

Keep our bay beautiful

We love Oakura Bay, the surrounding coastline and our community. We want to keep our environment pristine for everyone to enjoy. It is important to remember that when we drop litter or leave rubbish lying around, the wind will carry it out to sea or it will find its way along a waterway. Plastic such as food wrappers, drink bottles/caps, plastic bags and fishing line form the bulk of rubbish and because they do not biodegrade, they tend to remain in the ocean for a very long time. Once in the sea, our rubbish is harmful to all marine mammals and seabirds.

We all need to take care that any rubbish we are in possession of does not make its way into the ocean – whether we are on land or out on the water. Please help us to keep our bay and coastline litter-free. Either take your rubbish home with you or place it in the Council provided rubbish bins.

Collection for household rubbish and recycling is undertaken by Whangarei District Council (WDC) contractors every Monday. Additional collection times are provided over the busy summer months. To enable collection, please ensure household rubbish is placed in the official Council rubbish bag, or any other approved bag that has an official rubbish sticker attached. Official bags and stickers are sold at most dairies, service stations and supermarkets. 

The WDC also provides each household with two bins for recycling – one red and one blue. The blue bin is for clean, unbroken glass bottles and jars and the red bin is for type 1 and 2 plastics only, along with tins and cans. Cardboard and paper for collection can be placed in a bag or small cardboard box beside the bins. To ensure collection, please make sure you follow the correct procedure for recycling. For more information on recycling, click here.


Please be aware that the dumping of fish frames and shellfish is NOT allowed under Northland Regional Council Rules. When dumped “in the intertidal area or on land nearby, including beaches, the waste can pose a potential risk to other beach users.” Not only is there a health risk – it can be particularly nasty if you stand on a broken kina shell in bare feet – dumping waste can also affect water quality, attract scavenging stingrays and sharks. So please, we ask that you take your fish frames home and bury or compost them. Even better, if you only want to eat the fillets, consider donating the remains to others who love to eat fish heads and frames. To find our more and to download an app that puts those wanting to dispose of fish frames and heads together with those who want them, go to https://www.freefishheads.co.nz


Fun at Oakura Bay, Whangaruru, Northland, New Zealand
Oakura Bay - leave nothing but footprints



The Oakura Beach Domain Reserves Board administers the running, maintenance and progress of the Oakura Bay Hall. There are nine board members, made up as follows:

Whangaruru South Residents and Ratepayers Association – 1 member

Oakura Marae – 1 member

Whangaruru Coastal Community and Sports Association – 1 member

Local community – 6 members

The maximum time any one person can serve on the Board is seven years. We currently have three members in this category and one member who has moved out of the Bay and will be resigning.

We would like any interested parties to get in touch with a view to forming a new Reserves Board as soon as possible. The current Board had jurisdiction until 5 April 2020; however due to Covid-19 restrictions, has waited until now to reconstitute a new Reserves Board.

Anyone interested (particularly in the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary positions), please contact Deb Glasgow at email: debcglasgow@gmail.com


REMINDER: In the event of FIRE, call 111 FIRST

THEN: Call one of your local Oakura Fire First Response team. Please remember we are all volunteers, not always available and you may need to call more than one number.

The earlier we are asked for help, the better opportunity we have to contain a fire. An example of this was the bush fire on the Oakura Hill behind the Reserve during the drought. This potentially dangerous fire was extinguished by the Fire First Response group during the hour that it took the Fire Brigade to arrive.

We will not be able to cope with a fully engulfed house fire, except perhaps to try and protect nearby property. We will keep out of the way of Fire Service vehicles and personnel when they arrive.

To reiterate, we are a group of local volunteers providing a fire first response. We are not a fire brigade. In the event of a fire, call 111 FIRE and then call the first response numbers which you should have readily accessible. Be aware that you may need to ring more than one number to make contact.

In the recent floods, the fire first response team spent a number of days pumping water out of houses along the waterfront. Appreciation for the effort and time put in by our members was shown by a number of our community making very generous donations to the Fire First Response fund. A sincere thank you from us to those people – you know who you are!

The Fire First Response group is open to people who are willing to become competent with the equipment or who are willing to assist with committee administration work. We already have people who have expressed interest, and we will be organising a training session in the near future.

Oakura Bay Wetland

In conjunction with Whangarei District Council, WSRRA Inc. is very excited to embark on the construction of a wetland in the area bordered by Waimarie Avenue and to the rear of a number of private properties along Oakura Road.



There is a permanent alcohol ban in all public spaces in Oakura Bay. No person shall consume, bring into, or possess alcohol in any public place (including inside a vehicle) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any person in breach of this bylaw is committing an offence.


Dogs can be exercised on the beach at any time except between 20 December and 31 January. During these dates, dogs are NOT allowed on the beach between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm.


Camping is permitted in the area. However, it is restricted to self-contained vehicles only. Sleeping in a tent or a non self-contained vehicle is prohibited. Failure to comply with the rules can result in a $200 fine.
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